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Everything you need to know about Wholesale or Bulk orders

1, Do we need to have a sample?

- Yes, sample service is available and you just need to pay the discounted rate. For example, you want order 200 unit, the sample rate will apply as category of 101-500 unit.

2, What do you need to make the sample?

- A full body photo and a high quality face photo are required by our designers to make the sample. You can upload while you place the order, or simply drop us an email to support@hotbobblehead.com

3, How soon we can check the sample?

- Normally 1-2 working days, the face and body will be ready to review, about 2-5 working days to get the whole sample bobblehead ready for your review. Please do check your email regularly. Thank you.

4, What is the sculpting time for my bulk order?

- Our bobbleheads are 100% handmade, thus it does require sufficient time to process. Normally takes 30-50 working days, depends on the size of your bulk order.

5, What is the shipping time?

- The estimated normal shipping time is 2-4 weeks; while the express shipping is about 4-7 working days.

6, What is the bobblehead material?

- With more than 20 years experiences, our designers select high quality Polymer Clay to customise the bobblehead.

7, Are your bobblehead really handmade?

- Yes, our bobbleheads are really handmade by our designers. Different designers work on different part, some of them take care of head, some of them make the body, some of them only make the hairs, and some of them will do the assembling, etc.

8, Can you add some words on the base?

- Sure, we would love to. Further more, it is Free of charge.

9, Do you offer gift box?

- Yes, we would like to, however, there will be additional cost on it. Thank you.

10, What payment options do you offer? Are they really safe and secure?

- Payment can be made via PayPal and all credit/debit cards, or you can do a direct TT payment to our company bank account, but the bank fee will be on customer side.

- There will be No collection of any financial information as everything will be re-directed to PayPal or third-party processors. The servers processes millions of transactions daily; thus, you can be ensured that your information will be safe and secure.

11, What does your quotation include?

- Our quotation base on the bobblehead reach your hand. Please note: Only One deliver destination is included, and is only for the bobblehead order, not the gift boxes. Unless otherwise stated. Thank you.

12, Can you customise the bobblehead with other materials?

- Yes. Besides the quality Polymer Clay, we can make it with PVC or Resin. Please contact us for the details. Thank you.

Customer Testimonials

Join hundreds of happy customers around the globe!

We are very pleased with the outcome of the custom bobbleheads Yes Bobbleheads has made for our North American Skull Base Society meeting event. We will return for sure, and many thanks!

- Heather Hauptman

We ordered 8*12 sets of bobbleheads and they were quite a hit for our campaign and we came back to Hot Bobbleheads for another 8*5 sets of the bobbleheads. All turned out wonderful!

- Desiree Guerrero

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