Why Buy From Hot Bobblehead?

1. FREE Unlimited Proofing

Receive unlimited free proofing of your bobblehead while it is in the creation stage. Unlike other retailers, we will not charge you for the amount of revisions that you would like to make, you can revise it until you are satisfied with the end-product!

2. FREE Bobblehead's Base Wording

Celebrating a birthday, anniversary or a special occasion? Need to add text on the base of the bobblehead? We got you covered, just add whatever text on your notes upon ordering and the best part is there is no additional charge for it! 🤩

3. No Hidden Charges

Purchase our bobbleheads at ease because there are no hidden charges! Most retailers charge extras for bobble features on dolls' heads or minor accessories. However, we strongly believe those should be automatically included without additional charges.

4. Simple Ordering Process

Keeping you, the customer in mind, we simplify our order process so that it is easier for customers of all ages to order from us. All you need to do is to upload the images, confirm the design, and you will receive your personalized bobblehead within 4-6 weeks!

5. Ideal Size

Our bobbleheads are one standard size at 22cm! It is the most ideal size to craft intricate details, create detailed facial expressions with the best display size. It is big enough to make a visual impact yet small enough not to take up too much space! 😉

6. 100% Handmade

All our bobbleheads are 100% handmade and are fully customized to suit your requirements. Want to craft your kid into their favourite superhero or your boyfriend into their favourite game character? We can do it, just provide us the photos. 👍🏻

7. Premium Material

We use high-quality polymer clay to craft your bobbleheads, which can make your bobblehead more realistic looking and we can also make changes through adjustments on the bobblehead before kerning. In addition, the colors of the bobblehead won't fade away or wear out over time.

8. Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your product either after receiving or during pre-creation, we will offer refunds with no questions asked. However, a 20% cancellation fee will still be applicable to cover material costs.